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Dead Rising 3 Game Modifications and Cheats

September 30, 2014

Its been a few days now that Dead Rising 3 is out and the reviews are in and they seem to all agree that this is a great game that every gamer should play. Dead Rising 3 is the game equivalent of the great walking dead series in that it features blood hungry zombies wanting to eat your brains and create an army of the undead. The gameplay of the game is far better than a lot of other game equivalents but it definitely can get hard especially when the amount of zombies increase in an area sorrounding the player and in those cases you need special cheats called game trainers. There is also a new type of enemy featured in this game that are considerably harder to kill than normal zombies that appear after every few levels and missions in the game.

Talking about the modification and cheats that can be done to the game, there is a special type of PC software available for cheating by deviatedlabs that can ease playing the game a lot and in fact makes it out right fun. If you are stuck somewhere and don’t mind cheating then grab this dead rising 3 trainer its the best one i can find on the internet that is completely free. There are also a lot of options that this trainer offers that can make playing this game a breeze such as health, ammo, super speed, hacks and other important cheats that you will need during your play-through of the game. The option which deals with killing zombies at an increased also makes it for a far more fun game because you can kill enemies with just one hit and they will vanish like they didn’t exist at all. In the end stages of the game, i specially like that you can enable infinite health and never die no matter what or which end boss comes up and tries to kill you.

Dead Rising 3¬†Apocalypse Edition was announced after the initial release for PC version and since then the game has gone through a lot of interesting changes that i believe have made the game all the more fun. You play as Nick the titular character who is basically a zombie killing freak with super powers, the powers to wield any weapon and make that deadly for the un-dead slaughtering and killing any that comes into sight. I forgot to mention that you can use cheats and the game trainer in online mode and will work for update 1 and any future versions of the game. This is the best part because whenever you see any zombie you don’t need to fear them anymore and just go rage mode killing them all.

You can play the game in third person mode and will need to¬†search for supplies and weapons in order to fight many undead and complete missions and for this reason the option in the trainer such as infinite resources make it so much easier and make the game less of a headache. Its not fun when you run out of weapon or upgrade parts and need to upgrade to that special weapon level but fear not, with the trainer you can just press a key and have the resources available to you. You can also cheat in the co-op multiplayer mode and have an upper edge over your friend who hopefully hasn’t read this article and not have the same cheats like you do ;), you can pretty much become a kick-ass zombie eating machine.

Dead Rising 3 Trainer Cheats

Dead Rising 3 Trainer Cheats

That image above sure looks impressive right ? Well its because of the cheats available in the trainer that lets you modify your character to your liking and use any of the cheats available in the trainer like mega head, super character size, health etc. In the closing i would like to say that this game is a lot of fun on its own but with a game trainer it can become endless fun and you will feel like your money worth. I don’t know about you but that shark is looking scary and fun as hell and in a co-op mode, i will feel amazing having my friends wonder which dead rising 3 mod i am using when they have no idea i don’t need to go through the trouble of that. Have fun and hope you enjoy the game like i did.

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September 15, 2014

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